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Thank you so much for joining me in this experience! I am so excited you’re here, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to free yourself from your un-wellness, step into your authentic wellness, and learn how to optimize your health and wellness ROI. Building Your Health & Wellness Legacy Starts Now!

By accessing this portal, you agree that you will use the forms, templates, and resources for your personal development only and will not use or distribute for business or coaching purposes without written permission from Dr. Lori Lindbergh.


The portal is organized and aligned with the recommended 12-week completion timeline that I recommended in my book: WELL-LEADER MINDSET: OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH & WELLNESS ROI.


You can't rush authentic wellness.

Be sure to purchase your WELL-LEADER MINDSET: INVESTMENT GUIDE to Do The Book. The investment guide contains additional insights, support, and instructions on how to use the fillable forms, templates, and supplemental assessments and resources in the portal to enhance your experience and ensure you move forward toward the health and wellness you envision.

Don't rush throught the book. The WLM INVESTMENT GUIDE and this website are here to create the conditions for the thoughtful mindset transformation required to achieve authentic wellness and optimize your health and wellness ROI. Be patient and do the work.


As my husband would say, "Take the Time to Take the Time." (his T-7 aphorism). This journey is about achieving and maintaining the authentic wellness that fits your life for the rest of your life.

When you desire additional support and collaboration, join one of my Complementary, Live Group Wellness Strategy Sessions (see the link below). Also, join my LinkedIn Group HERE for ongoing support and to submit your wellness investing questions, successes, and words of encouragement for others.


For more personalized support, schedule a private Wellness Advising Session with me HERE.

I look forward to collaborating and supporting you on your journey to your authentic wellness.

Well regards,

Dr. Lori

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Your Health & Wellness Destiny is Yours to Control

In Week 1, you get to give yourself permission to make your health and wellness a priority and find your Why that keeps you focused on your wellness for life.

Show Up & Own It

In Week 2, you get to explore how your innate strengths support you stepping into your authentic wellness, and you get to believe, feel, and act as if you have already achieved the health and wellness you desire for life.

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Formulating Your New Beliefs

In Week 3, you continue building the solid foundation upon which to develop new beliefs and finally get unstuck, move forward, and embrace new possibilities.


Endless Possibilities Are Yours

In Week 4, you get to envision your wellness future and what you want to see and experience along the way. Have fun and experience the joy of having endless possibilties.

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Ch 11.jpg

Meet Your Future Self Now

In Week 5, you get to candidly evaluate your current health and wellness reality, determine if you like where you are, and then decide how willing you are and how much you want to invest in experiencing your Wellness Vision

Organize Your Lifestyle of Wellness Investing

In Week 6, you get to begin organizing your wellness closet to support your authentic level of wellness joy, regardless of what is going on in your life. You redesign your wellness, so you never revert to clutter again. You get to clear the clutter and decide how to do you, authentically.

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Your Lifestyle Wellness Internal Foundation

In Week 7, you get to decide how you want to take care of and nurture your body with healthful nutrition, consistent movement, and quality sleep by balancing the evidence-based quality standards to fit your authentic life of wellness.

Your Lifestyle Wellness External Defense

In Week 8, you get to decide how to use effective coping strategies, find positivity, purpose and meaning in your life, and minimizing exposure to harmful substances by balancing the evidence-based quality standards to fit your authentic life of wellness.

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Against the Grain Sized.jpg

Your Lifestyle Wellness Environments

In Week 9, you get to call upon your creativity and innovation to design your home and work environments to support your lifestyle wellness journey and make it easy to live your best self for life. 


Optimize Your Retirement Investment & Beyond

In Week 10, you get to decide how to monitor and manage your wellness investments. You optimize the return on your investments to keep you moving toward your Wellness Vision and know when to adjust your investments to grow and adapt to what life throws your way.

Invest in your health 3.jpg
End the cycle.jpg

A Year From Now

In Week 11, you get to prepare tactics to keep you moving toward your Wellness Vision and your belief in your amazing wellness future. You didn't put in the all the thoughtful effort thus far to risk reverting back to old habits that are no longer serving you. 

Mindset Always Matters

In Week 12, you realize you have a solid strategy to keep you future focused, a strategy that allows you to always invest in yourself regardless of what is happening in your life. You know your health and wellness is not about avoiding struggle. It’s about being open to more possibility. When your mindset is right, possiblity is everywhere. That’s the incredible power of belief.

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